Friday, August 19, 2011

Website Update: Special Projects & Commercial Work

Details of "Pumpkin Getaway" - Created and auctioned for fundraiser

Embroidery Project: "Badges" stiched and then photographed for use in credit union marketing campaign

Android Costume: Constructed from foam, window screen, acrylic fleece, felt, and various materials. Designed to stand out from the crowd at engineering tradeshows and conferences.

Munny Project: Modified munny doll with false eyelashes and hand-spun wool yarn.

I have been working on trying to update my poor neglected website. For starters, I created a new page for "Special Projects and Commercial Work". This is my new home for everything I do that isn't purely "my art". By that, I mean things I create that have outside rules or frameworks imposed on them. Sometimes the rules come from clients. Other times competitions or special exhibition guidelines. While I tend to gravitate toward pure creative freedom, the opportunities are often good challenges and sometimes they even pay!

So please take a peek; there's a lot more to see. Also, I am always on the lookout for new projects. Please contact me if you have something in mind.

2 comments: said...

Hi Betsy ~ I love your journal and seeing what you have been up to! xxoo Marianne

Betsy Timmer said...

Thanks Marianne! I was just on your Etsy site looking at yor wonderful new cats and bunnies. They are great!