Thursday, October 25, 2012

Looking Around: Puur Anders

Every so often, I see something on Etsy that sticks with me....and I just can't stop thinking about this leaf. You can find it in the shop Puur Anders which features the work of Miranda van Dijk.
Maybe it is because it is autumn here in Kansas (at last!) or because I have a little baby changing before eyes or because of my love of cloth between my fingers...or all of these...this peice has grabbed my attention and won't let go. Changing seasons, passing time, fleeting moments, fading memories, death....ah! So much more than a brooch!
If you care to explore a little further, you can read the Puur Anders blog and visit the website. They are a treasure trove of inspiration.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Considering Scale...and Food?

Scale has been on mind lately. I am working on a big project again...though I vowed to "take a break from big" after dealing with transporting one my largest piece to date, Rag Rug across the country last year. Sometimes I just get big ideas though...what can I do?

Scale is important in art. The size of the work in relation to the viewer has an impact on how the piece communicates; how it feels; how it reads. If a piece towers over you as you view it, it it feels very different than if you can hold it in your hand. An object can go from cute to creepy to menacing depending on its size. Creating unexpected extremes can be a powerful way to grab attention and stir thought. While it is easy to automatically make work of a certain scale because of standard size materials or costs or space in which to work, it is important to remember that scale can be a powerful tool with which to communicate.

Since I have been thinking about all of this, I have been seeing examples of scale extremes all around me. It all started in the grocery store...

with the cutest (and most delicious) potatoes ever...and then it continued on Etsy
with giant fabric food textiles by Brook Abboud...

and then on with the work of Christopher Boffoli

These scale extremes caught my eye...and gave me a grin.