Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Something new at last....

This is a new piece I have been working on, "Uprooted".  It is made from Creative brand paper clay, roots from my garden, pastels, graphite, a scrap of silk I dyed pink, and good old fashioned paste wax. 

Paste wax over pastel is quickly becoming one of my favorite techniques. It is shiny but not too shiny... protective but not overly artificial and plastic feeling. I put it on, let it sit, and buff it to my desired level of sheen.

This piece is 12" tall. I have been trying and trying to make something small that is not cute. This has proven much more difficult than expected. In retrospect, maybe I should have anticipated small and cute being so intertwined...just think of all the kittens, puppies, babies, bunnies, dolls, etc. out there... they are usually small and usually cute!

Anyway, back to the studio for me. More new work is on its way.