Monday, April 4, 2011

Objects of my Affection: Pitchers & Creamers

I collect things, all sorts of things.  Rocks, buttons, old dishes, little knick-knacks, vintage dresses, books, thimbles, sieves, wool sweaters, measuring's an ever growing list. Many of this things I collect, I intentionally gather for use in my artwork. (The others just happily gather dust around my home.)  I am attracted to things with visible history - the patina that only comes with age. I also find myself personifying objects. Some shapes exude a certain character that I can't help but see and relate to. Often, objects I collect don't ever make it into an actual artwork. They just live in my studio as little companions and inspirations.

A while ago, I started collecting small pitchers and creamers. I love their unique shapes and resulting personalities. Initially, I bought them with the intention of casting them in plaster to make molds. Being a novice mold maker, the possibility that they might end up forever encased in plaster seemed quite real...and frightening  So, I started to photograph them as a way to preserve them.
My mold making experiments are still underway and have not resulted in a finished piece yet. The photographing process however, seems like a useful habit to get in to. These images are great references for drawings and other projects. I plan to start photographing and posting my various collections here.

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