Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Short video about my work and process...

Recently, I was selected for an 8 week entrepreneurship program for artists called ArtistINC. (It was great! More on ArtistINC to come later.) Our final project was a short presentation about our work - you can see mine below.

This presentation is in modified "Pecha Kucha" format - in a nutshell, a pecha kucha is a short presentation that autoplays at 20 seconds per slide. It was invented by architects in Japan a few years back. At first I was skeptical - was it possible to make such a short artist's presentation? However, I found the process of boiling down all that I wanted to say to just five minutes to be very rewarding in itself. And it was awesome to watch a couple hours of artists giving their own pecha kuchas on the final night of ArtistINC. I learned so much in such a short time and everyone had a chance to speak (there was no "Sorry, we are out of time. We'll have to finish the rest of these next week.")  I think that the next time I teach a class, I will have my students give this presentation format a try.

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