Monday, March 2, 2015

I guess I've taken a year off...

It's funny...I just decided to log in here and I realize it has been nearly thirteen months since my last post! What in the world?! How did this happen? An entire year has just slipped away?!!

Well, I guess "just slipped away" is not the most appropriate phrase. It was a great year...and a very full year...a full to the brim and pouring over kind of year. I guess this blog was one of the things that sloshed out of my life...accompanied by regular exercise, thorough dusting, a good nights sleep, most of my studio time, and conversations with my husband that consist of more than two short sentences. What caused this overflow, you ask? Well, that is easy....two things, two people:

1) Henry, 3

2) George, 9 months

These are my sons and they are awesome. I love spending time with them....just being their mom, watching them grow and laugh and discover the world. It is very exciting and a lot of fun....and it is also truly exhausting. These days, by the time bed time rolls around and I have them both tucked in for the night, I feel more inclined to settle into a heap on my couch than to scamper off to my studio or whip out my laptop. 

For the most part, I am fine with this....I am not trying to complain. I just had to write "Henry, 3" as in three years old. My first baby is wearing undies and talking about school. Before I know it, I'll be walking him to a bus stop. Deep down, I know that I need to savor this non-stop, all hands on deck, exhausting season of life. No beating myself up about unfinished artworks, missed opportunities, irregular blog posts, dusty nick-knacks and flabby arms....I'll have time to work on all of that later. I wouldn't trade my full to over-flowing life for anything.

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