Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meghan Currie Yoga

In some ways, this post may seem a bit off topic.
Afterall, I am usually posting about art, not yoga. However, this video really struck me on a couple of different levels. First, as someone who has done yoga for years, I was amazed by Currie's strength and control. I am in awe of her discipline and the obvious commitment to her practice...these are things that are essential as an artist too. Second, this video has an animated quality which I am always interested in. Chopping up otherwise smooth movement and speeding it up in this case, along with the soundtrack, makes me look at it in a whole new way. Last, it is awesome to see the body flex and contort...so many forms and positions and ways of balancing. The maker in me is excited about the many ways Currie's form interacts with the ground.

You can visit Meghan Currie's website here.

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